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1. Zagelbaum, GL and Pare JAP : Manual of Acute Respiratory Care Published by Little, Brown and Company, Boston Massachusetts. Dr. Zagelbaum was chief editor and contributing author. 

2. Zagelbaum, GL, Welsh, MA, and Doyle PR: Basic Arterial Blood Gas Analysis. Published by Little, Brown and Company, Boston Massachusetts. Dr. Zagelbaum was chief editor and author.

3. Cohen C, Zagelbaum GL, Gross D, Roussous C, Macklem PT: Clinical Manifestations of Inspiratory Muscle Fatigue. The American Journal of Medicine vol 73, 308-16.

4. Macklem PT, Cohen C, Zagelbaum GL, Roussous C: The Pathophysiology of Inspiratory Muscle Fatigue. Hosp Prac. 21; 83-90, 95-6.

5. Gross D, Macklem PT, Roussous C, Zagelbaum GL. Role of Inspiratory Muscle Fatigue on Exercise Tolerance in Patient with COPD. Journal or Respiratory Physiology 85; 334-42.

6. Cal-OSHA DOSH Respiratory Protection Program: requirements for written respiratory protection program and compliance with Title 8 section 5144. Dr. Zagelbaum was a contributor to information for the production of this program on various occupational lung disorders and exposures at the workplace.

7. Zagelbaum, GL. Lung Diseases and Work. ORS Publications. Book provides valuable and useful information on a wide variety of lung disease and respiratory tract conditions and disorders that are commonly encountered in the work setting.

8. Zagelbaum, GL. Asbestos: A Guide to Understanding. VN Publications, Cal. Book discusses various health matters related to asbestos including risks, disorders, monitoring and respiratory protection.
9. Zagelbaum, GL. The Consultant, Work Related Lung Disorders. Information Program providing practical information on lung disorders encountered in the work setting.

10. Zagelbaum, GL. Building-Related Complaints and Illnesses: “Sick Building Syndrome”.California Workers Comp. 4 part series Oct 98 – Feb 99. Review of health problems and illnesses commonly linked to buildings including different building specific disorders and Sick building syndrome.

Published Books

Dr. Gary Zagelbaum has authored several books, articles, manuals and other educational materials on various subjects including work-related lung disorders, lung function testing, toxic exposures, building-related health problems, tuberculosis, occupational asthma, asbestosis, silica, respiratory muscle testing and many others. These include "Manual of Acute Respiratory Care", "Basic Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation", "Asbestos: A Guide to Understanding", "Asthma and the Workplace", and "Lung Diseases and Work". He has also given many seminars, lectures and educational talks to both medical and non-medical professionals as he strives to provide a concise and easy understandable source of up-to-date information on subjects that are ever changing and expanding.